Monday, August 29, 2011

Ranch Burgers - Craving Fulfilled!

Well I'm pregnant and I have cravings from time to time. One of them lately has been a big, juicy hamburger! I don't care for burgers that often; if I have to choose between a burger and a hot dog, the hot dog always wins. But, the baby wants it so I found a recipe that sounded easy and yummy and went for it. It truly was easy and very quick. I cooked them on my George Foreman grill and they were perfect - but you can use your outdoor grill or even the stove top.

It's important for me to make meals that my whole family loves, so I'll usually tell you what my 2-year-old thinks of what I made. Just to give you an idea, she's been sick with a throat infection for a few days and hasn't wanted to eat anything. She's had next to nothing all day, but tonight, she ate (most) of the burger! I told her it was like a big meatball and I think that's how I sold it..haha. Good luck!

Ranch Burgers (from
(makes 4-6 burgers, depending on how big or small you like them!)
1 lb ground round (or lean ground beef or ground turkey!)
1 packet ranch dressing mix (I used Hidden Valley)
2 T honey dijon mustard (I couldn't find honey dijon so I bought regular dijon and mixed in honey)
1 C mexican shredded cheese
Hamburger Buns

In medium bowl mix together ground meat, dressing mix, mustard & cheese. Shape into 4- 6 patties. Cook on stove or grill until juices run clear & center is no longer pink. Place patties on hamburger bun with desired condiments.

You can serve this with chips or fries and maybe even some cold fruit, like watermelon, if it's summer time.

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