Sunday, March 21, 2010

Secret Recipes

Sometimes there are recipes so amazing, so delicious, so close to our hearts that we just cannot give them out! I'm sure you've known people who brought a dish to a potluck or a party of some kind and when you complimented their dish and asked for the recipe, they said "No". I admit, that kind of bothers me sometimes! What's the big deal?

I've always been one to share the wealth - I love giving out recipes and receiving them! But, I do have to say that latey there are few dishes (most of them from family members) that I've just got to hold onto. One of my grandfathers has a recipe for Goulash that he is going to take to his grave. He makes it for us a lot but will not budge - even when we try to guess! I think it will make it even more special when he is no longer with us but we can keep his Goulash alive (my Mom keeps telling him to leave the recipe under the mattress so we can find it one day!).

Do you have any recipes that you'd rather not share with the world?

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